Cyber Monday- sort of

Last week I tried to get a £10 ticket to the Donmar Warehouse production of Coriolanus using the Barclays Front Row Scheme. Instead of selling day seats, the Donmar Warehouse releases those seats online two weeks in advance of the shows  The show’s regular seats sold out the same day tickets were released in July-it’s a 250 seat capacity venue

Since the tickets are cheap and demand is extraordinarily high, the website kept crashing last week. Every time I saw an available ticket and clicked on it, it was gone by the time the page refreshed.

So I was expecting the worst when I tried again this week. And the website had even more issues than before. I panicked knowing this was my last chance to get tickets since I’m leaving so soon. I kept refreshing the page hoping something would come through.

And it did! So on my second-to-last night in London I will be seeing Coriolanus!

Of course, I was scrolling through Twitter and someone tweeted that they had simply called the box office this morning to get the £10 tickets. I guess that’s a lesson that technology doesn’t always mean efficiency.

As far as actual Black Friday, I did do a little online shopping and purchased a new cell phone. The day before I left for London I lost my phone. Woops. Already stressed by my pending journey, I decided to not worry too much about it. However, my mom has yet to find it in the house so it must be gone for good. I really was going to try to make that sad little Blackberry, which constantly gave me the white screen of death and crashed all the time, last until I graduated.

So if you can’t call or text me as soon as I get back to the U.S., it means I haven’t set up my phone yet with Virgin Mobile.


4 thoughts on “Cyber Monday- sort of

  1. Hey! I really like your blog, I was already thinking of doing an exchange program with CUL, and your blog has made me even more excited!
    Also, regarding this post, I’m quite desperate to get tickets next monday; I’m going to London during the christmas holidays. Could you tell me how you did it? Any tips & tricks? (:

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for reading.

    As far as the tickets go, it really is the luck of the draw. The past two weeks the website has been incredibly slow, and I know a lot of people even had their sessions expire while they had tickets in their basket. As I mentioned you might try calling the box office, but based on your comment I’m guessing you’re outside of the UK and this might not be an option. Just make sure you are at this link before 10 a.m. GMT and keep refreshing the page 2 or 3 minutes before the countdown timer is at 0. Last week that link didn’t work, and they tweeted out the booking link so you might also try having the Donmar Warehouse twitter page open.

    Don’t be picky, and take any empty seat available. Keep in mind there are no shows Dec. 22-26 because of the holidays.

    If you’re going to be in London, you can also try queuing for standing tickets the day of the performance, but I can imagine the lines will be very long and you’ll have to camp out at the box office very early. You might try looking at once the run begins to see if anyone posts about their experiences trying to get day seats. I’ve found this website to be useful for other shows I’ve seen.

    Hope all that helps!

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