A conclusion of sorts

I’m very capable of writing a grandiose, long-winded conclusion to this blog. But now that I’m home I feel strange adding anything more to this blog or my journals. It’s like I’ve finished a book but it’s too soon to go back and re-read it. So I’ll keep it short for anyone still following. Continue reading


Goodbye London

Goodbye London, I hardly knew ye’.

I have left London and don’t know when I’ll be back again. To fully reflect on the past three months will probably take more than a quick blog post, but I can say that by this final week I was sad to be leaving.

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A less sentimental version of my final week

After my finals were over, I went into a touristic frenzy. Most of my British friends had gone home for term since they don’t have to take exams until January, and I had said my goodbyes last week. So I didn’t feel all that guilty about being a tourist my last few days.

I went to the V&A museum to see the “Club to Catwalk” 80s fashion exhibit,  relived my childhood with the Harry Potter Studio Tour, saw a few of my favourite British actors in two Shakespeare plays and a musical, ate a reindeer burger at Borough Market and took a ride on the London Eye. Continue reading

London Markets

A quintessential part of London is going to markets, and there aren’t a shortage to choose from. When you tire of the chain stores on Oxford Street, it’s time to spend a day wandering the stalls of foods, clothing, jewelry, antiques and miscellany.

I’ve been adding to this draft all semester to finally present you with my London market overview. Continue reading

Dreaming of a White Christmas

This past week Maryland has been getting a lot of snow. I know because my Mom keeps emailing me about it. And the Baltimore Ravens tweeted pictures of a snow-filled M&T Bank  Stadium.

It’s actually been reasonably warm here in London, but then again I normally wear leggings under my jeans so maybe I just don’t notice the chill.

Last year we had white Christmas, and I’m hoping for one this year. As long as the snow holds off until I am snug in my bed dreaming of sugar-plums and all that jazz. Continue reading

Revision Time

Normally exams occur after the winter holiday, but lucky for us we have to take them before we leave- which means I have papers and exams due at the same time.

The  all-too-familiar  hazy feeling of overwhelming stress you get during finals is starting to creep up on me.  I’ve tried to put it off as long as possible, but some parts of university life are inevitable.

The sleeplessness caused by a brain that doesn’t know when to turn off has returned.  London had been insomnia-free.

Three papers and two exams separate me from a blissful reunion with my kin and country. They are also the only thing keeping me from being torn away from a city I’ve only just begun to make my own.

Three months have felt like no time at all.