The British Library (Pictures)

Unfortunately you can’t photograph inside the Sir John Rablatt Gallery, so if you’re hoping to see the Magna Carta or Jane Austen’s writing desk you should book a ticket to London.

Admission: Free

Seeing a letter written by Winston Churchill: Priceless

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Fish and Chips and Vinegar

As I type this, BBC1 news is playing in the background. Apparently Lionel Messi has been accused of tax fraud, and the leader of the Scottish Independence party has challenged David Cameron to a television debate. Now you know.

Last night I had my first fish and chips experience at Gigs Fish and Chips which is close by to my house.  The cod was served on a bed of chips. The chips were more like what i would my family would call “home fries” rather than typical french fries. To drink, I had some Old Jamaica Ginger Beer. Continue reading

(Lacking) The Luck of the Irish

I jinxed myself. I couldn’t switch out of the class I wanted to switch out of, so I’m stuck with classes on Monday mornings, Thursdays and Friday mornings. No four-day weekends for me.

I wasn’t going to do that much continental travel during the semester ( aside from our “fall break”), but this puts a huge dent in my Ireland plans. I was going to visit Janie in Cork for three days and do two days in Dublin, but it looks like I’ll only be doing two and half days in Cork. I might plan a two-day trip to Dublin later in the semester, but it’s going to cost me a lot more since I won’t already be in the country.

Despite my surname, I apparently did not inherit the luck of the Irish. It’s probably my ancestors punishing me for studying in enemy territory.

Here are my courses for the semester:

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Starting at City University London

Today was orientation at CUL. It was about as exciting as it sounds. Which is, not at all.  I was essentially stuck in a room full of other Americans for the day. Most of them were grouped off because they came from the same schools so it was really weird.

We also did a brief walking tour of the neighborhood near CUL(pictures at the end of this post).

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Primark Haul and Getting Lost

I am still getting lost. A lot. It’s only the second day, so I’m trying to not be too hard on myself, but it’s very frustrating to literally walking around in circles because London streets aren’t clearly labeled and they merge into another street name and THE STREET OF MY FLAT IS LITERALLY ON NONE OF THE MAJOR MAPS BECAUSE IT’S SO SMALL.

OK, rant over.

I want to give a shoutout to my friend Kerri who told me she reads all of these posts while  “getting ready for her gym flow.” Typical.

After sleeping off my jet lag, I decided I wanted to go shopping at the famed Primark. Last night my roommate commented on how little I packed, and I started to worry. Maybe I had overdone it with the “packing lightly.” But as soon as I stepped into Primark, I knew I had made the right choice. Continue reading